Kiki and Camille are always going somewhere to study rocks and add to their collection.  They have big, small, flat, round, scratchy, and smooth rocks.  They simply love rocks.  Part of their fun is finding them in places they have never been before.  This time, their rocking odyssey leads them to a cave.  What kind of rocks will they see as they go deep under the ground?  What happens when the lights go out? 


Follow the adventuresome pair as they learn some do’s and don’ts for exploring a cave, including the fact that visitors are not allowed to remove rocks!  How will they be able to add to their collection?  While teaming up with the park ranger, they not only find the perfect rock to remind them of the cave, they also learn how to crack open rocks.  Just wait till you see what they see as they go into a cave.

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Into A Cave With Kiki and Camille on a Rocking Odyssey      

28 page, soft cover, 6x9:   $5.95 

Onto a Beach with Kiki and Camille 

Rocking Travel Series

The pair pick up some French vocabulary as they play on the beach, study sea life, and look for more rocks.

32 page, soft cover 8.5 x 11


Having Fun With Kiki and Camille

Activity Book

24 page, soft cover, 8.5 x 11:   $5.95